What Makes PureLink HDMI Cables so Special?


HDMI™ Certified Cables with Patented Plug and Connection Solutions

As a German quality cable manufacturer we know: Quality is the name of the game.

Quality Matters

The HDMI™ certified High Speed cables from the PureInstall series consist of triple shielded and silver-plated, high purity OFC copper cables with 24 carat gold-plated connectors. Certified quality supports modern standards for reliable, long-term top performance in professional application.

APO™ Technology: Active Performance Optimizer

In order to avoid signal losses and errors with transmission lengths of 15 meters or more, PureLink integrates patented signal amplifiers on the display side of the cables. The APO™ technology ensures pin-sharp images and a crystal clear sound.

SLS™ Secure Lock System

The special design of the HDMI connector with Secure Lock System™ developed by PureLink is unique in the market. SLS increases the maximum retention force of cable connections to an average tensile load of up to 8.3 kg and guarantees a secure, stable connection even under heavy strain. When this load limit is exceeded, the cable automatically detaches from the socket and thus prevents damage to the cable or connected valuable devices.

ULS™ Ultra Lock System

The Ultimate series is equipped with the patented Ultra Lock System™ for mechanically secure HDMI connections. The innovative 360° safety lock latches the HDMI plug into the connector socket. It is currently the safest system on the market and ensures permanently uninterrupted connections. ULS can be used universally with any HDMI socket and can be easily switched between the "locked" and "unlocked" positions with just one simple movement.

Quality Matters.

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