PureLink Donation Campaign 2019 - Special Ambulance Car for Fulfilling Last Wishes


"How much I'd love to..."

PureLink supports the ASB Wish Fulfillers with a Donation of 5.000 €

The ASB Wish Fulfillers make last wishes come true

With their fully equipped ambulance car, the voluntary Wish Fulfillers of the North Rhine Westphalian Workers' Samaritan Foundation (ASB) bring people who do not have much time left, once again to their places of longing.

The converted ambulances are equipped with qualified personnel and all necessary resources needed for patient transport and acute emergencies. In addition, the ambulance is equipped with a music and lighting system so that it can be individually adapted to the emotional needs of each passenger. It is free of charge for their guests and accompanying persons to realize their last wishes. The project, which is entirely financed by donations, hinges on the commitment of the voluntary Wish Fulfillers.

One of the Wish Fulfillers is the PureLink Purchasing Director Günter Kemper.
He has been accompanying last wish trips for five years now and is representing the project as an ambassador. The gratefulness of the guests and their relatives are his motivation to continue to intensively engage in the project in the future.

"To witness how people develop undreamt-of powers in the final phase of life, how relatives are enjoying being with their loved ones when last wishes come true, means a lot to us wish fulfillers. If such journeys also contribute to families coming very closely together in order to live through such difficult life situations, this makes me humbly realize that much of what one takes for granted in one's own life gets a very special significance," says Günter Kemper.

With our Christmas donation, we at PureLink are immensely happy to contribute to the ASB Project to fulfil the last wishes of terminally ill people. www.wuenschewagen.de