PureLink Charity Project 2020 - Winter Aid for Homeless People

Homeless People neet Shelter and Warmth

The cold season always means great struggle for these people. They lack such simple things as shelter and warm clothing. Particularly when temperatures drop below zero, it can even become life-threatening when there is no space left in the emergency shelters. Let alone in winter 2019, 12 people in Germany froze to death (source: Statista).

Help Day and Night

ASB Münsterland together with St. John's Ambulance, launched the Winter Aid Campaign for homeless people in Münster, near Rheine. Since 2018, they have been a point of contact for people in need. This is particularly important this winter, as many municipal facilities for the homeless are closed due to Corona.

On December 11,2020, Christina Ahrens and Purchasing Director Günter Kemper presented our donation at the daytime shelter.

As soon as the temperature drops below zero, a warming tent is set up in the evening to provide sleeping berths. In this Corona winter, the offer was extended by a sheltered day stay in a sufficiently large building. About 100 people can take advantage of this offer every day. In addition to a heated room, it offers breakfast and lunch, hygiene facilities and new clothing. ASB hopes to be able to extend this offer until mid of 2021.

100% Financed by Donations

There are currently around thirty volunteers involved in equipping the cold aid with everything necessary and keeping it running 7 days a week. More helping hands are needed. The project, which is financed purely by donations, has already provided tents, vehicles, heating, furniture and crockery. In addition, there is the daily supply of food, disinfectants and hygiene items for those in need.

"Homelessness is invisible in everyday life. What these people lack are such simple things that anyone can give," says Christina Ahrens. "That's why it's all the more important to us at PureLink to support this project. When someone asks me what Christmas is, I believe it's humanity."