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IP based System Finally Surpasses the Traditional Matrix

The release of the PureLink IPAV Pro 1200 Series signals the final demise of the Matrix Frame

The IPAV Series from PureLink releases yet another unique form factor for SDVoE compatible devices – the 1200 series boasts super high density I/O with broadcast standard reliability. For a long time, IP based systems have  been unable to compete with the matrixes ability to pack I/O in to a rack. With this innovation, the last refuge of the Matrix Switcher comes under attack.

End of Matrix Supremacy
For decades professional AV has been dominated by one particular product, the Matrix Switch. From the beginning it was seen as the only solution to our distribution needs and unchallenged in its position as the ubiquitous AV solution. Distribution of AV over network infrastructure has been threatening the Matrix for many years, but those threats always seemed hollow, as IP technology was simply not ready to deliver the quality and performance the Matrix was able to offer.

IP technology simply cut too many corners to pack the data in; extreme delay and low image quality to mention but a few. It seemed that IP technology was to be relegated to merely a cheap way to enable digital signage, but would never truly challenge the Matrix in any professional opinion.

With the advent of the 10G switch this attitude has changed. Product performance previously unheard of in its category, is suddenly available, but with all the flexibility of the Network approach. Now, the Matrix looks unable to compete.

The PureLink IPAV Pro Series  at the Vanguard of this AV Paradigm Shift
After its introduction to the market on the ISE 2018 the IPAV Series from PureLink releases yet another unique form factor for SDVoE compatible devices - high density I/O with broadcast standard reliability. Following on from the success of our unique IPAV Pro rental and staging product line, this year we are focused on rack mountable SDVoE systems for Professional AV installations.

The Obstacle of High Density I/O Mastered
The one remaining feature of the matrix frame yet to be vanquished was its high density I/O; the ability to pack multiple ports into a small space. Until now, SDVoE or indeed any IP based system, has not been able to match this. Most systems rely on a Room Box style SKU which does not lend its self to rack mounting.

A single unit is never less than half rack size, meaning a maximum of only two I/O ports per 1U is the most compact it could be. So to match the I/O density of a standard 64 x 64 matrix (on average 22U in size), a system designer would need to make upwards of 32U available - a tall order in most people’s design and generally not practical.

The IPAV Pro1200 Series cards utilise tried and tested broadcast standard infrastructure, in the form of the OpenGear OGX frame, to achieve an I/O density of 10 ports per 2U; outperforming the compact I/O performance of the fixed matrix frame, but with all the flexibility of the revolutionary SDVoE technology.

The IPAV Pro Series Form Factors



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