Long Range USB AOC Cables - FX-I5XX Series


Hybrid USB Cable for High Speed Data Transmission

PureLink Introduces SuperSpeed USB Cables in lengths up to 50 Metres

Conventional copper USB cables reach their physical limitations for 10Gbps of data at about two metres. To provide the opportunity of an improved range, PureLink GmbH introduces the FX-I5XX series of Super Speed USB cables (USB 3.0 / 3.1 /3.2 Gen2) using the tried and tested AOC technology.

The hybrid cable construction of FX-I5XX combines fibers for high-bandwidth data transmission with copper for power transfer and full USB compatibility.
All FX-I5XX products come with AOC (Active Optical Cable) technology. They are available as connection or extension cables with a variety of male and female connectors making remote peripherals up to 50 metres accessible.

For more information visit: www.purelink.de/en/topic-fx-i5xx

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