Certified 8K Ultra High Speed HDMI AOC Fiber Optic Cable – 7.50m

  • HDMI 2.1 – 48Gbps for resolutions up to 8K UltraHD-2 60Hz
  • Gold plated precision contacts
  • HDMI-A male to HDMI-A male, full-metal housing
  • Hybrid cable – Fiber for AV; copper for power and data, Ø 4.5mm
  • Halogen-free (LSZH) for low smoke emissions in case of fire
FiberX FX-I380 8K HDMI 2.1 AOC Fiber Optic Cable – 7.50m
The FX-I380-007 is a 7.50 meter long, ATC certified 8K HDMI 2.1 AOC hybrid cable with 4.5mm outer diameter. It is compliant to the HDMI Ultra High Speed specification, making it suitable for AV transmissions up to 48Gbps. The cable features HDMI-A aluminium connectors on both sides with gold-plated precision contacts. With its hybrid construction of optical fibers for AV transmission and copper inner conductors for power & data transmission, it offers complete protection against electromagnetic interference as well as low attenuation for perfect transmission quality. The cable requires no external power supply, it is powered directly via HDMI.
FiberX - When Distance, Quality and Bandwidth are Essential
The FX-I380 HDMI Ultra High Speed cables, included in the FiberX series from PureLink are designed for an optimal transmission of HDMI 2.1 signals over long distances. The hybrid construction of fiber and copper conductors allows significantly longer cable lengths than conventional HDMI copper cables. The AV stream is transmitted via optical fibers, completely free of electromagnetic interference and is supplemented by copper wires for the transmission of power (HDMI 5V) and data (e.g. HPD, CEC). Due to this structure, the cables are available for very long lengths between 5.00 and 100.00 meters and can be used in complex environments. All cables up to a length of 20 meters are ATC certified.
The cables are compliant with the HDMI standard "HDMI Ultra High Speed" for HDMI 2.1 compatible devices and are capable of transmitting AV streams up to 48Gbps. They are capable of resolutions up to 8K / UltraHD-2 with up to 60Hz including the digital audio signal and with support for HDCP up to version 2.3. The transmission is without delay (zero frame delay) and compression, supports ARC and eARC as well as transparent EDID.
The small cable diameter of only 4.5mm allows an extremely tight bend radius up to 45mm (static) or 90mm (dynamic), especially for installation in tight environments, such as the back of a rack.
The HDMI-A connectors on both sides feature gold-plated precision contacts on the one hand and an aluminium connector body on the other. These finishes make the plugs themselves resistant to corrosion, guaranteeing long-term functional data transmission.
The HDMI AOC cables use the "Plug&Play" principle and can thus be used like a conventional HDMI cable. They are unidirectional, i.e. directionally bound and should not be connected the wrong way round the ends are distinctly marked. Adaptation to other types of signals cannot be guaranteed. The cables are also free of halogens. They therefore produce significantly less smoke in the event of fire than cables, that have been manufactured with halogens.

FiberX Series
The AV industry continues to push for greater bandwidth, faster speeds and a lossless signal quality over ever increasing distances. Traditional copper cabling is becoming less reliable or inadequate for these long ranges. The FiberX product line has long been setting standards as a leading brand for optical fiber solutions. By combining different optical transmission standards with cutting-edge technology, FiberX ensures that existing AV infrastructures continue to meet the highest standards.
In addition, the high fiber quality of FiberX products features tighter bending radiuses, enabling faster and easier installations than comparable products.
HDMI 2.1 – 48Gbps for resolutions up to 8K UltraHD-2 60Hz
Gold plated precision contacts
HDMI-A male to HDMI-A male, full-metal housing
Hybrid cable – Fiber for AV; copper for power and data, Ø 4.5mm
Halogen-free (LSZH) for low smoke emissions in case of fire
Logistics Information
Product 1. Net Weight in Kg 0,22
Product 1. Gross Weight in Kg 0,22
Product 1. Length in cm 16
Product 1. Width in cm 16
Product 1. Height in cm 2
Packaging 1. Length in cm 23,5
Packaging 1. Width in cm 23
Packaging 1. Height in cm 4
Master Carton Length in cm 47
Master Carton Width in cm 43
Master Carton Height in cm 26
Product Information
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 85176990000
Country of Origin China
Packaging Material Plastic/paper
VPE Information
Master Packaging Unit (pcs) 20
Connector material Aluminium, plastic
Contact material Gold-plated, long-life design
Connector 1 HDMI-A male (19pin)
Connector 2 HDMI-A male (19pin)
Dimensions Con.1 50 x 20 x 11 mm
Dimensions Con.2 50 x 20 x 11 mm
Contacts Gold-plated, long-life design
Electric signal
Standards Integrated Hybrid Fiber AOC
Digital video formats HDMI 8K / UltraHD-2 / 4320p @60Hz
Type Round, HDMI AOC
Lenght 7.50m
Inner conductor material 4x OM3 Fibers, 7x Copper Conductors
Outer material LSZH, CPR compliant
Power consumption Power over HDMI
Operating temperature -20~70°C
Storage temperature -25~80°C
Humidity 10~80°%
Signal transmission
Supported standards HDMI 2.1, HDMI Ultra High Speed
Transmission modes Digital Audio- and video signals
Supported Colors HDMI 2.1 compatible
Supported audio standards HDMI 2.1 compatible
Maximum resolution 4320p / UltraHD-2 / 8K @60Hz
Further standards Fiber / Copper Hybrid AOC
EMI / EMC 100% free of EMI
Colour black
Warranty 3 Years Manufacturer's Warranty
Delivery Content
1x FX-I380 8K HDMI AOC Fiber Hybrid Cable, 7.5m
1x User Manual
Dokumente "Certified 8K Ultra High Speed HDMI AOC Fiber Optic Cable – 7.50m"