• DVI-D Single Link (24+1) for resolutions up to WUXGA / 1920x1200
  • Gold plated precision contacts, EMI resistance, low attenuation
  • DVI-D (24+1) male to LC female, full-metal housing
  • Supports Simplex Multi Mode up to 300m
  • “Zero frame delay” for latency and compression free transmission
FiberX FX1010 DVI over LC Fiber Optic Extender Set
The FX1010 DVI Extender Set contains a transmitter and a receiver, both housed in a full-metal enclosure. The set supports DVI-D (24+1) Single Link connections and is thus capable for transmissions with up to 6.75Gbps or resolutions up to WUXGA / 1920x1200. The incoming DVI connection is converted into a fiber optic LC Simplex Multi Mode signal by the transmitter, then transmitted without any delay and compression using LC fiber over up to 300 meters to the receiver, where it is converted back to DVI. Both components are equipped with gold-plated pecision plugs and offer full protection against electromagnetic interference as well as low attenuation for perfect transmission quality. Both transmitter and receiver are powered via Micro USB; two power supplies including power cables are provided.
FiberX - When Distance, Quality and Bandwidth are Essential
The FX1010 DVI fiber optic extender set included in the FiberX series by PureLink is designed for optimal transmission of DVI-D Single Link signals over long distances. By converting the signal into an LC fiber signal, which is free of any electromagnetic influences / interference, transmission distances of up to 300 meters are possible, significantly more than with conventional DVI copper cables.
The transmitter accepts DVI Single Link inputs and converts them into a Simplex Multi Mode signal, which is transmitted via LC fiber optics to the receiver and there converted back to DVI. The maximum resolution is WUXGA / 1920x1200 with 60Hz or a bandwidth of 6.25Gbps according to DVI Single Link standard. EDID data for the handshake between display and source as well as HDCP encryption are also transmitted. The whole stream is transferred without any delay (Zero Frame Delay).
The LC Simplex Multi Mode fiber link can be established using OM1 (62.5μm/125μm for max. 33 meters), OM2 (50μm/125μm for max. 82 meters) or OM3 (50μm/125μm for max. 300 meters) conductors.
The DVI-D (24+1) connectors on both the transmitter and receiver feature gold plated precision contacts and are integrated into a full-metal housing that is galvanically isolated to prevent ground loops as well as humming effects. These refinements make the connectors unsusceptible to corrosion and thus guarantee a permanently functioning data transmission.
In addition, the extender set masters the so called "Pixel Accurate Reclocking". This is a signal regeneration technology that cleans the signal from noise, skew and jitter caused by long cable runs and EMC incompatible devices. As a result, the picture at the end of the line is a pixel-perfect reproduction.
The fiber optic extender set is designed to connect DVI source devices, such as PCs to a DVI compatible display far apart. Both modules are DVI-D connector sized, feature the DVI screw lock and can thus be handled like a normal DVI connection cable. Both transmitter and receiver feature a link LED as well as a power status LED and are powered via Micro USB; two power supplies and respective USB power cables are included.
FiberX Series
The AV industry continues to push for greater bandwidth, faster speeds and a lossless signal quality over ever increasing distances. Traditional copper cabling is becoming less reliable or inadequate for these long ranges. The FiberX product line has long been setting standards as a leading brand for optical fiber solutions.
By combining different optical transmission standards with cutting-edge technology, FiberX ensures that existing AV infrastructures continue to meet the highest standards. In addition, the high fiber quality of FiberX products features tighter bending radiuses, enabling faster and easier installations than comparable products.
DVI-D Single Link (24+1) for resolutions up to WUXGA / 1920x1200
Gold plated precision contacts, EMI resistance, low attenuation
DVI-D (24+1) male to LC female, full-metal housing
Supports Simplex Multi Mode up to 300m
“Zero frame delay” for latency and compression free transmission
Logistics Information
Product 1. Net Weight in Kg 0,17
Product 1. Gross Weight in Kg 0,29
Product 1. Length in cm 15,5
Product 1. Width in cm 8,5
Product 1. Height in cm 3,5
Packaging 1. Length in cm 23,5
Packaging 1. Width in cm 14
Packaging 1. Height in cm 16,5
Master Carton Length in cm 49
Master Carton Width in cm 30
Master Carton Height in cm 33
Product Information
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 85176200000
Country of Origin Taiwan
Packaging Material Paper
VPE Information
Master Packaging Unit (pcs) 20
Input connector(s) Tx: 1x DVI-D (24+1) Male, Rx: 1x LC Female
Output connector(s) Tx: 1x LC Female, Rx: 1x DVI-D (24+1) Male
Power connector(s) Tx: 1x Micro USB, Rx: 1x Micro
Electric signal
Standards LC Simplex Multi Mode
Type OM1 (62.5μm/125μm),
Lenght OM1 max. 33 Meters, OM2 max. 82 Meters, OM3 max. 3
Power supply 1.6W (Tx), 1.5W (Rx)
Power consumption 2x 5V AC/DC USB PSU
Operating temperature 0~50°C
Storage temperature -20~70°C
Humidity 10% ~ 80%
Enclosure Full-Metal
Dimensions 74.66 x 40.2 x 15.9
Signal transmission
Maximum resolution WUXGA (1920x1200) @60Hz
Safety CE, FCC, KC
EMI / EMC 100% free of EMI
Colour white
Warranty Statutory guarantee rights
Delivery Content
FX1010 2K DVI Single Link Fiber Optic Extender Set
2x 5V PSU incl. 2x USB charging cable
1x User Manual