SurgeX "SQUID" 12V/24V, 5V Power Management Hub

  • AC↯DC power distribution unit with power conditioning, surge supression etc.
  • 1x 230V AC IEC C14 input and 4x 230V AC IEC C13 outputs with max. 10A combined
  • 1x2 12V/5A DC and 1x2 24V/2,5A DC terminal block outputs
  • 2x 5V/1A DC USB-A + 1x 5V DC terminal block outputs with max. 3A combined
  • Ethernet and USB-C connectivity for control and monitoring all ports via software
12V / 24V, 5V - AC/DC - Power Management Hub
SurgeX AC↯DC Power Distribution Unit: Efficient Power Management

Experience advanced power distribution and management with the SurgeX Squid AC↯DC Power Distribution Unit. This unit offers a range of features to ensure optimal power delivery and protection for your devices.

  • Power Conditioning and Surge Suppression: The SurgeX Squid AC↯DC Power Distribution Unit is equipped with power conditioning and surge suppression capabilities, providing clean and stable power to your connected devices.

  • Multiple AC Outputs: With 1x 230V AC IEC C14 input and 4x 230V AC IEC C13 outputs, this unit allows you to connect multiple devices simultaneously with a combined maximum current of 10A.

  • DC Terminal Block Outputs: The unit also features 1x2 12V/5A DC and 1x2 24V/2.5A DC terminal block outputs, providing versatile power options for your specific requirements.

  • USB-A and DC Outputs: With 2x 5V/1A DC USB-A outputs and 1x 5V DC terminal block output, you can conveniently charge and power your devices with a combined maximum current of 3A.

  • Connectivity and Control: The SurgeX Squid AC↯DC Power Distribution Unit offers Ethernet and USB-C connectivity, allowing you to control and monitor all ports via software for seamless power management.

The Squid from SurgeX is a universal AC and DC power distribution unit with a variety of protection, conditioning as well as control and monitoring features. The Squid is designed for maximum installation flexibility due to its versatile 230V / 24V / 12V / 5V power outputs and a compact form factor. It can be mounted to a wall, a table or against the face of an equipment rack, providing utmost freedom in any environment. It is equipped with an internal web server that can be accessed via the SurgeX software, providing configuration options, output control, monitoring interfaces and access to time-stamped data logs, which can include a huge variety of electrical parameters. Multiple communication interface options, such as Ethernet and USB are supported.

SurgeX Power Protection and Management - Every Job Requires Exact and Reliable Electrical Voltage
Designed to fulfill the unique needs of todays small meeting/huddle space environments and digital signage/video applications, the SurgeX Squid packs an array of power features and functions into an extremely compact design. It ushers in a new category for power quality to offer completely contained, boxed network control and AC/DC protection in a single application. The Squid combines both AC and DC outlets with advanced surge protection, power conditioning, power management and analytical software, ensuring there is no need to install seperate products for AC and DC and yet another to monitor and control the power environment. The SurgeX multi-stage surge suppression and EMI/RFI filtering technology safeguards the DC output power as well as the AC outlets. It also features catastrophic over/under-voltage shutdown technology which withstands surge pulse voltages up to 6000V and a self-test circuit with a software enabled indicator. Further, the Squid allows for remote monitoring and control from a network operations center via Ethernet or locally using the USB OTG port.

AM-SX-DC-8-12-230 - 4x AC outlets, 2x2 12V DC terminals, 1x 5V terminals, 2x 5V USB-A sockets
AM-SX-DC-8-1224-230 - 4x AC outlets, 2x 12V DC terminals, 2x 24V DC terminals, 1x 5V terminals, 2x 5V USB-A sockets
AM-SX-DC-8-24-230 - 4x AC outlets, 2x2 24V DC terminals, 1x 5V terminals, 2x 5V USB-A sockets

Connectivity and Control
All three Squid versions are equipped with a 230V AC input using an IEC C14 connector. Their four 230V AC IEC C13 outlets can handle a combined max. load capacity of 10A. The four AC outlets are joined by two 12V or 24V DC output banks, sharing a load capacity of max. 10A / 5A (depending on model), each with two individual terminal block receptacles for detachable line cords. All four AC receptacles and both DC banks can be individually controlled, monitored and switched. The control options include remote turn-on and turn-off as well as reboot functions, all activated via the SurgeX software. To complete the universal power supply approach there is an unswitched 5V DC output with a detachable terminal as well as two 5V USB-A sockets, sharing a max. load capacity of 3A. It is also possible to toggle the AC input to the AC/DC converter to feed the DC Output 1 / 2 banks. Due to the limitations of the IEC power connector, the maximum power output of the Squid is 10A / 240V / 2400W for all outlets / receptacles combined.

Programming - Triggers & Actions
The extensive programming capabilities of the Squid provide advanced sequencing and scheduling operations. Triggers can be programmed to activate on an "if X then do Y then do Z when no longer X" basis. Trigger sources include various AC power measurements, scheduling, and Autoping. Actions include turning receptacles on and off, cycling a receptacle, executing previously-defined sequences and putting a unit into shutdown. For example, an action can be created to power cycle a network appliance if it fails to respond to a ping. In addition, two physical reset buttons with a variety of functions are located on the front side of the Squid.

Squids internal web server provides a comprehensive portal for configuration, monitoring, and control. The RJ45 connector for Ethernet connectivity is situated on the rear panel, the default IP Address is DHCP assigned. A discovery tool is provided by SurgeX. The mDNS protocol is supported for dynamic device discovery. The Ethernet connection for web server integration supportsHTTP, HTTPS, SNMPv1, SNMPv3, NTP, mDNS, 802.1x, and LDAP protocols with TLS, SSL and SNMP V3 single sign-on options.

Metering is performed at the system level and includes AC line voltage, AC neutral-ground voltage, AC current, AC power, AC line frequency, AC power factor, AC voltage crest factor, AC energy and temperature. The measurements of voltage, current and power are true RMS. Thus, the current draw and energy consumption of non-linear electronic loads which have a power factor of less than unity will be reported correctly. The types of time-stamped events which can be recorded are triggers, surge protection failed, power outage, network events, outlet changes, shutdown events and firmware upgrades. The historical data is a record of measured electrical parameters and may be adjusted to sample certain items at specific intervals. The max/min/avg electrical parameters are saved in the internal storage for 30 days.

The USB OTG port features a microUSB connector can be used for OOB diagnostics, configuration and troubleshooting IP connectivity issues. A discovery tool is provided by SurgeX alternatively, the IP can be directly reached via web-browser. The web server will always be accessible through this USB OTG port (HTTP at port 80).

The Squid is very compact to fit along, behind or near equipment and can be installed horizontally or vertically, mounted to a wall or table. The universally mountable unit is encased in a magnetic shielding steel enclosure and can thus also be mounted to the face of an equipment rack. Integral mounting brackets are available to install Squid, following the appropriate local regulations and requirements.
AC↯DC power distribution unit with power conditioning, surge supression etc.
1x 230V AC IEC C14 input and 4x 230V AC IEC C13 outputs with max. 10A combined
1x2 12V/5A DC and 1x2 24V/2,5A DC terminal block outputs
2x 5V/1A DC USB-A + 1x 5V DC terminal block outputs with max. 3A combined
Ethernet and USB-C connectivity for control and monitoring all ports via software
Logistics Information
Product 1. Net Weight in Kg 3,27
Product 1. Gross Weight in Kg 3,67
Product 1. Length in cm 31
Product 1. Width in cm 21
Product 1. Height in cm 5
Packaging 1. Length in cm 37,5
Packaging 1. Width in cm 27
Packaging 1. Height in cm 16
Master Carton Length in cm 37,5
Master Carton Width in cm 27
Master Carton Height in cm 16
Product Information
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 85371098990
Country of Origin USA
Packaging Material Plastic/Paper
VPE Information
Master Packaging Unit (pcs) 1
Control connector(s) Ethernet, USB OTG
Power supply min. 15W, max. 2400W
Operating temperature 5°C - 42°C
Humidity 0% - 95%
Enclosure Steel
Dimensions 31 x 21 x 5 cm
Safety UL/CUL/CB 62368
EMI / EMC >30dB / >20dB @50Ω
Colour black
Delivery Content
1x AM-SX-DC-8-1224-230 Squid Power Distribution Unit
1x Power Cable
1x Ethernet Connection Cable
1x Set of Terminal Connectors for all 24V / 12V / 5V Outputs
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