JustAddPower - 4K Video Tiling Transceiver

  • Tiling of four 4K HDMI sources on a single display
  • Analog audio de-embedding with adjustable volume and delay
  • Multiview, Multicast, Image Pull
  • Control via RS232
  • Compatible with all 3G Ultra products
3G Ultra Video Tiling Rackmount Transceiver

4K Video Tiling Transceiver: Tiling of four 4K HDMI sources on a single display
Experience the ultimate display solution with the JustAddPower 4K Video Tiling Transceiver that allows you to tile four 4K HDMI sources on a single display. Enjoy seamless and immersive viewing experience like never before.

  • Analog audio de-embedding with adjustable volume and delay: The 4K Video Tiling Transceiver by JustAddPower offers analog audio de-embedding feature with adjustable volume and delay. Customise your audio settings according to your preferences for an enhanced audio experience.

  • Multiview, Multicast, Image Pull: With the 4K Video Tiling Transceiver, you can enjoy the convenience of multiview, multicast, and image pull functionalities. Easily manage and control multiple sources and display options for a versatile and efficient workflow.

  • Control via RS232: Take full control of your display setup with the transceiver's RS232 control feature. Seamlessly integrate and manage your devices for a streamlined and hassle-free operation.

  • Compatible with all 3G Ultra products: The JustAddPower 4K Video Tiling Transceiver is fully compatible with all 3G Ultra products, ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with your existing setup. Upgrade your display system without any compatibility concerns.

AV Signal Distribution via Common IP Networks
More than 10 years of experience as the pioneers of HDMI over IP with thousands of completed projects

JustAddPower is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of HDMI over IP based video switching solutions. Create simple point-to-point systems or a network of HDMI devices, scalable to any size, with easy-to-use hardware solutions. The design and product philosophy is evolutionary: The products are designed for long service lives instead of short innovation cycles. Support and replacement parts for older solutions remain available.
JustAddPower continuously enhances the performance of each product generation by providing free firmware updates that support all actual features, while being fully backwards compatible. In case functions can not be realized by software alone, also new ardware is backwards compatible. JustAddPower takes pride in knowing that their HD / IP systems not only protect customer investments but actually increases its value over time.

The JustAddPower 3G chipset is flexible,affordable, and feature rich, all without sacrificing an ounce of performance or quality.
Flawless video with seamless HDR Management and Audio Management in any format up to Dolby Atmos.
JustAddPower is the only HDMI over IP system built on the sustainable Evolution not Revolution Design platform. That means you dont toss out Products after a year or two. JustAddPower products are designed for Decades of use!
- Flawless Performance
- Buy it Once
- Use for Decades
- Forward Compatibility
- Backward Compatibility
- Free Updates
- Same Switch
- Same Cabling
- Same Control Drivers

Further, JAP devices and the third-party switch cannot be configured using JADConfig, so each device and the third-party switch must be configured separately and manually!
In addition, the control options via "MediaSwitcher" are not available - additional hardware / software is required.
We also ask for your understanding that we cannot offer direct support for configuration and / or control of your JAP system if you use it with a third-party switch.

General JustAddPower Specifications and Features:

4K Up & Downscaling
Receivers can downscale an UltraHD / 4K / 2160p signal with HDCP 2.2 to FullHD / 2K / 1080p for viewing on legacy screens and upscaling for 4K displays

Seamless HDR Management
Display HDR content on HDR displays while simultaneously displaying the same content on 1080p and 4K on non-HDR displays

Zero Detectable Latency
Incredibly low encode / decode latency over the network that is visually undetectable

Works with all 4K Sources
EDID Magic software = Zero EDID issues

Seamless Switching
Switching between any source is instant, even when resolution changes

Image Preview
Preview image of any source or display in any web browser or control system up to 10 fps

VGA & HDMI Wall Plate Inputs
VGA and HDMI Wall Plate Transmitters available in multiple colors

DHCP Server
DHCP Server allows shared gigabit LAN without bogging down your network

Campus View
Use any Gigabit switch or VLAN switching

HDCP 2.2 Support
3G seamless HDCP conversion allows content to be shown on any display, even if it isnt HDCP 2.2

Analog Audio Inputs and Outputs
Analog audio inputs can be mixed or muted with HDMI audio and analog Audio Outputs with adjustable volume and delay on each Transmitter and Receiver

Custom Logo Overlay & Default Image
Overlay a custom logo on any display and load a custom default image

Dolby Atmos and Dolby Downmix
Dolby Downmix to analogue Audio and support for DTS:X and Dolby Digital

Video Tiling
Four custom windows per tiler. Add more for unlimited windows (view on any screen)

Video Wall
Build up to 256 displays in a single dynamic wall with Image Flip and Rotate function for portrait or landscape installations

Free Automatic Drivers
Custom drivers auto build and configure to the network

Any Size Matrix
Hundreds of sources and thousands of displays in a single project

USB 2.0 Over IP
Keyboard, mouse, touch Interface over IP built in
Tiling of four 4K HDMI sources on a single display
Analog audio de-embedding with adjustable volume and delay
Multiview, Multicast, Image Pull
Control via RS232
Compatible with all 3G Ultra products
Logistics Information
Product 1. Net Weight in Kg 3,40
Product 1. Gross Weight in Kg 3,40
Product 1. Length in cm 25
Product 1. Width in cm 15
Product 1. Height in cm 3
Packaging 1. Length in cm 30
Packaging 1. Width in cm 20
Packaging 1. Height in cm 5
Product Information
Europeans Customs Tariff Nr. 85176200900
Country of Origin USA
Packaging Material Plastic/Paper
VPE Information
Master Packaging Unit (pcs) 1
Input connector(s) 1x Gigabit LAN Tx (RJ45), 1x IR
Output connector(s) 4x Gigabit LAN Rx (RJ45), 1x HDMI Loop-Out, 1x 3.5mm Stereo
Delivery Content
1x JustAddPower 3G+4+ Video Tiling Processor
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